Saturday, 16 May 2015

May 16th, 2015

Or "Around the Vue's in 7 hours"


Yep. You read that title correctly.

It's my corporate upselling video that my General Manager asked me to create last week. He wants to use it at his next Area Meeting as a training tool for all London sites.

Took me a while to form an idea for it. My brain came up with literally nothing, for days. Then... I cracked it!

I decided to film the beginning of the piece in each one of the conpany's site - a sorta rapid montage of "here, here and here". To do it mind, meant I had to travel to each of the area's cinemas. With time running short (the meeting is next Wedsnesday) I had to do it all... In one day!

I did it, with Gabi's help. Now I'm pretty shattered; even though all I did was commute all day. No, seriously - I spent 45 minutes each getting to sites, and only spent 2 or 3 minutes filming in each!!

The worst to get to eas Acton, owing to a tube replacement bus service in operation. At least the bus ride was quiet and relaxing (if sooooooo very long).

We took a selfie outside each cinema. If you look carefully you can actually see us both losing the will to live as the day goes on...

Tomorrow we film the main part of the film and then I somehow how to find the time to edit the thing together.

Oh and I'm not actually all that settled on the title. Seems a bit... well, shit.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

May 13th, 2015

It's been another busy day in the life of me; frustrating really, as all I want to do is knuckle down and edit the footage I shot this weekend.


So here we are... I was on a 2pm to 10pm shift today, and managed an hour's worth of editing before and after work. My efforts have resulted in the split screen scene being finished. It means for the first time we have Horatio interacting with his mum. No more empty half-screen!

Look-y, a still!

I've watched back the rest of this weekend's filming, too. Hmm... I'm still not convinced by some of it, but I'll give it a go and see what it looks like as an actual assembly, when fitted into the film.

Sorry... not much else to report today!

May 12th, 2015

Another (Manchester) filming day!!


It was my last day back home - and I started it shooting the penultimate scene of Act 1 with my mum. In it, her character asks Horatio what's the matter with him - to which Horatio responds that he's turning the clock back, to recapture his youth.

Trouble is... yet again I don't know if it works. Maybe I'm just overly panicking, I don't k ow, but there's a feeling in my gut that this sequence and some of yesterday's just aren't good enough.  My mum isn't an actress - and I'm not much cop as an actor, either. I think that ameteuristic nature shows through; and it's pretty cringe worthy.

I wish I could edit the sequence together, because that would definitely help me to see whether it does work or not. However... coming straight home to London, I was straight to work... and I won't have much time between now and Friday to edit. Sad times.

Still - even if I re shoot,  this is a useful base to tell me where what went wrong originally, and what to avoid doing again in future.

Next lot of Fellow shooting will be the montage sequence, as well as the 5 seconds of me working a dead end job (moat likely distributing comedy store flyers)

Untitled Cinema Project

I have the basis for an idea now. I shoot my actor in various London cinemas, with him/her then saying:

"Whether you work here, or here, or here... Once behind a till, there's one thing we've all been expected to do. Up sell."

Hmm. It's something at least. Unlike my original idea, it gets straight on in there and doesn't waste a second waffling on.

Deadline to record, edit, the full works in a week tomorrow. ARGH!

That Resolute Desk: Six of One

Me and Gabi are going to film this coming Saturday, as we're both off work. as we've shot November's already, this then is our 6th segment - meaning we're now halfway though making g the thing. Scary!

Monday, 11 May 2015

May 11th, 2015

(And technically May 10th, too...)


I'm in Manchester. Filming! Aside from the Bedtime Story segments shot at both my mum and dad's houses, this is the first piece of fiction I've shot in my home town since 2007's Self. An apt piece to return with, then!

(2008's Semblance of Norm was shot in Bolton, as was 2009's Film Quiz)

I arrived yesterday and intended to shoot scenes with my Mum - playing Horatio's mum in the film. As time ran out, plans shifted and we filmed today instead.

To recap:

Felliw is a sequel to Self; featuring a return for its protagonist, writer Horatio Maguire.

It will be shot in 5 segments - Act 1, Act 2 (Parts 1,2 & 3) and Act 3. Right now I'm still filming Act 1, whilst writing Act 2.1.

I've so far shot the opening half (or thereabouts) of Act 1 # way back in March and April. Today I recorded most of the remaining bits. Just had to create a montage sequence towards the beginning, film me out working a dead end job some place, and the two end scenes.

Not sure what I think of the footage I used my step-dad in one scene, but he's such an unnatural in front of the camera; constantly grinning when that's nor what the scene needs. I'm worried it doesn't work. Might have to re shoot it next time I'm in town.

That's the thing. I'm only here for 2 nights. not only do I have a lot of family visits to cram in, but I've brought Gabi too. Lots to do, people to see, and not much time to do it in.

One interesting aside from today's filming:

Whilst I shot the scenes of Horatio's mum and dad talking to him, my young niece and nephews were around.  Of course, sod's law, ad soon as the cameras started rolling they were restless, and NOISY. I was there directing the scene, literally holding my niece Brooke in my hands! She's looking up at me, with that look that declares to you "I'm about to cry soon". Needless to say my attention wasn't on my parents/actors as it should have been. Then again a part of me feels everything will be fine once it's all edited together. We'll see.

More filming tomorrow, hopefully.

Monday, 4 May 2015

May 4th, 2015

Forgive me if I don't make a Star Wars themed pun...


We're still a week or so away from me visiting Manchester - i.e. the first opportunity I've got to film the remainder of Act 1. Until then, I'm trying to wrack my brain around Act 2; specifically, the first third of it.

See, I think I know how it ends. I want to feature an emotional montage set to a song I've just discovered (no SPOILERS from me today, sorry). To do that, I need to build the story up to that specific moment, so I can then bring the house of cards crashing down around Horatio. If done well, it should be really good drama, that packs a punch. It helps actually, as it's giving me a structure for Act 2 that up to now I've been missing.

That's not to say writing it is now easy. Oh no! Far from it. I know that this is the part of the film where I can have a little fun with the concept - but all to often my brain is trying to move ahead, and abandon that, very important, part of the story.

Trouble is, I'm finding it difficult to show the passage of time on film... because, aside from Self, I don't have much other footage to go off (either featuring 2007 me, or 2007 Manchester). I have to find other clever ways of illustrating my point and that's easier said than done.

Still, I have some notes written down in my notebook now, and the first page written in draft format. The question now is, when will I get time to sit down and finish off what I've started?