Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September 2nd, 2015

It feels like I've got a good, solid routine going for myself. I'm waking up and eating breakfast. Then I'm going on a 20 minute run every morning, followed by lunch. Usually around this time I spend some time with the family, before disappearing to my room for 3 hours of the afternoon to job hunt*. As I'm doing so, I stick the Friends DVDs in and watch them too. After that, I look online for a bit, before dinner. Afterwards I'm doing some creative writing, watching TV and then it's onwards to 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. Finally I blog, then bed.

(*I despise job hunting though. A truly horrible experience)

Today's creative efforts:

That Resolute Desk: Some Moments of Us

I.E. The originally shot footage from Six of One, re-purposed. I've been watching this back tonight in two minds. I either keep everything, and have it stay 'as is' - or! I edit out the bits I don't like (pretty much anything to do with me talking to camera) and the bits that tied in with the planned Six of One narrative, but no longer make sense (Jarvis secretly filming Vicky).

I'm really not sure what option is best. I suppose it makes sense to keep everything as I intended (albeit without the final 7 segments). Then again, if I have the chance to make a decent standalone film, through deleting some bits, shouldn't I do that?

Either way, this film won't be made public.

That Resolute Desk: Sometimes, Somewhere

This is the new stuff, that I'll film in Cardiff next week, and which might incorporate some of the original Six of One shots as quick flashbacks.

I have the opening scene written now, and I think it's very That Resolute Desk. It will also showcase some of Cardiff's lovely scenery, which will be nice.

I'll finish it off tomorrow.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September 1st, 2015

Here we are then, the last third of the year. It's my Mum's birthday and so the focus has been on celebrating her. However I've still found some time to sneak away and 'do my thing'...

That Resolute Desk: Six of One...

This will be the last time I refer to the project as such. I've made a definite decision on the fate of this film:

I'm going to Cardiff next week, and staying in a hotel. Whilst there I'll utilise the city, by filming a new sequence where Jarvis talks to camera about leaving London behind. I'll intercut it with brief snippets of the existing footage me and Gabi created earlier this year.

As for the rest of that footage, I will create a video for that. To do so I will clean up the audio, and in some cases put subtitles up on screen. What I won't do though is record anything new for it. Neither will I post it publicly. No - this film will stay private for me, and Gabi if she wants to watch it. She felt it was too personal, and she's right. I'm not comfortable putting it 'out there' for all to see (besides, it's an incomplete narrative - so it's basically five odd scenes assembled together)

I've started writing the script for the new, Cardiff scenes today. No names for the projects. I'll come up with something tomorrow.

Eight Months Last Tuesday

I wrote a new page of script today, but then got carried away tidying up my room.

Despite that, I think I've got the tone of the thing in my head now and should be able to bulldoze through the rest of the project.


Currently re-watching: Friends  (Season 1) and Game of Thrones (Season 1).

Monday, 31 August 2015

August 31st, 2015

My legs are killing me. I ran again today. It's like a system shock for my whole body; and one in which it desperately needs! I weighed myself last week - and I've ballooned up to 15 stone and 5 pounds (roughly 96 kilos). That's a ridiculous amount. I need to take better care of myself. I'll weigh in again next week, and see how things compare then.

That Resolute Desk: Seven-Thirty

By now, you've seen that the video is finally completed! Whoop, whoop!

I put the finishing touches on the edit today, and think it's come out looking smashing. The only reservations I have about the film are a) my writing, and b) my acting. The worst of the two is the writing. I think I neglected the script a little in this one. Looking back, I would definitely do things a little differently now.

On that note...

That Resolute Desk: Six of One...

Yep, it's still called that (for now, until a better idea pops up in head).

The fourth chapter in the life of Jarvis O'Hara, and things are slowly beginning to move again. I sat watching the original footage back tonight, trying to decide what to incorporate into the new film, and how.

I had the idea of having a present day Jarvis reflecting back on his break-up, and what the relationship meant to him. I would have included brief snippets of the original footage here and there. The film would probably have been very downbeat, and most certainly ended on a sour note.

Then I thought, stuff that! I'm going to have the complete opposite approach. This will be a celebration of Jarvis' relationship. There's probably a reason why he's looking back on things - most likely due to the fact he's moved away from his girlfriend. I think it's a greater challenge having this adapt a happier tone. After all, any old sod can do miserable (as my friend Dan tells me, frequently) Let's make this heart warming and (dare I say it) a little romantic.

I'll sleep on the thoughts I've had for it tonight, and develop it further tomorrow.



I spoke to the director, Kenneth Spencer, today. He's still very interested in making the film, and says it's still in development and should film soon.


Last but by no means least...

I'm going to return to its sound edit this week. Definitely this time! I'm determined that by the end of September, this'll be completed, and 'out there' for all to see.

That Resolute Desk: Seven-Thirty [Short Film - 2014]

This one has a bit of a protracted history. It was shot in October and November 2014, at around the same time Gabi was off producing the ace "I Am A Vampire!" and I was making Ushers.

Gabi (as director) had edited together the scenes of her character, Vicky, inside the office. She'd also chosen which takes involving my character Jarvis she wanted included. What wasn't done, however, is the editing for the scenes of Vicky on the London Underground. Oh, and somewhere along the lines we'd managed to lose one edited sequence (Vicky leaving the office)

In Gabi's absence, I've completed the edits of the missing sequences, and then done one final sound clean-up.


This was intended to be online by late 2014. It's a sequel to 2012's That Resolute Desk, and the 2013 scene That Resolute Desk: Seas Will Rise.

Here we are then, almost 12 months on from production and finally ready to go:

Please comment on the video, and subscribe!

August 30th, 2015

Being back in Manchester again, I can feel those usual feelings creeping back in... boredom at being trapped in one small house, at not having a job, or a direction. However, this time I'm determined to shake it off, and not let myself reach that same level of depression.

So... I travelled into town, and bought some gear...

When I returned home, I walked to the local park, iPod in my pocket - a combination of a-ha/ABBA and Elbow songs playing - and I started to run.

Kathryn suggested I do it last week when I visited her last week, and Gabi used to do regularly too. My belly is increasing in size (seriously... how'd I put half a stone in weight on in just 2 weeks?!) and I could do with those extra endorphins pumping though my body.

Feeling happier...

It was time to return to production!

That Resolute Desk: Seven-Thirty

This feels like the project that will just never end.

I spent the last few hours of today trying to fix the sound. When me and Gabi shot this last October, we went onto the London Underground and filmed there. As you can imagine, for an amateur film, the sound is messy and unclean. Today was about taking the existing sound out, and putting in a suitable replacement - which is trickier than you might imagine, as I couldn't locate the sounds of a London tube carriage door opening!

That's been found now, and the sequence looks good. I'm packing it in for the night now - but I'll go to bed happy, as I only have a very small section left to edit tomorrow. After that, fingers crossed, the project will be concluded at long, long last!

That Resolute Desk: Six Of One...

(Or whatever the damn thing is called now)

My brain is turning its attention back onto this. I cut my hair quite short a few weeks ago. Once it's grown back to its regular length (which may not be until mid-October!) I'm going to film the body of this film, around which the footage me and Gabi shot in January through to May will sit.

Tomorrow, I'll try and write the bit to camera I'll need to act out.

 It'll be a bit sad, actually, bringing this particular project to a close.