Saturday, 10 October 2015

October 9th, 2015

A few things to report today.

First of all, happy birthday to my Dad. He turns 52. Shamefully I didn't message him, as I got caught up with other things (see below). I'll try and wrong that right tomorrow. I did get him a present though: season 5 of The Walking Dead on DVD.

Today was my journey back to London. I only made it onto my 8am coach by the skin of my teeth. Potentially that's me leaving regular Manchester living behind! Normal service may resume shortly, if I move back to the capital.

Talking of which... it's London Film Festival!

I won't be proving regular updates like I did for Raindance, because here it feels like I'm a tiny clog in a very big wheel. Besides, I'm based at Islington Vue, so sidelined from most of the action. But it's still great to be part of the action, however slight my role.

(It does feel strange being back under contract with the cinema, I have to admit - even if it's only a 9 day engagement, and I'm in a completely different role)

Some updates about films (at last!):

Creep Forwards

I have the central concept for the idea in my head now. There's an app called Happn. I don't fully understand it, but it's a social dating 'thing' apparently. That's how my story begins - a girl logging in, and unleashing a beast in the machine.

Last Halloween Gabi made "I Am A Vampire!" and I want to keep that autumn horror tradition going. I'll aim to write over London Film Festival, and film towards the end of the month.

Not On Your Nelly!

Coincidentally the director I gave this to - Sacha Allari - is working the festival with me. However, he's caught up doing other projects.

The BFI venue co-ordinator likes the idea, and asked me to email it to her on the off chance she might make it herself. Which would be cool. We'll see where she gets with the concept.


My role at LFF runs next Sunday (the 18th?)


I messaged Gabi back about the postcard, but didn't hear anything from her. I guess that answers my question of if she wanted contact or not! Women, man, they're too confusing.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Stop Over

I'm back in Manchester, for one day only.

Tomorrow I head back to London, and I'll potentially move there permanently again. It's neat, in a way, that I return full time on the 5th anniversary of when I moved there in the first place.

Of course it's been nice being back at home and seeing everybody again. My mum is affected by terrible arthritis in her right arm, and Willow the dog has been doing some disgusting things (don't ask...). I didn't get to see Tyler, but my other nephews and niece - Jamie/Brody/Brooke - are doing great. In fact, Jamie's social skills have come on leaps and bounds in the weeks since I last saw him.

As a family, we made a trip to Nandos in Bury. There, the waitress was massively flirting with me. It was that obvious, my family were ribbing me about it. They thought I should get her number... but, I dunno, it's embarrassing doing that with your family watching!

Besides... London tomorrow.

Here's how the nrlext dew weeks are shaping up:

I work London Film Festival between Oct 9th and 18th.

During that time I should hear back from Forbidden Planet, with regards to my job application. I'd successful I start around Halloween.

Once LFF is done, I'll use the gap between then and Halloween to secure a room in London. At the moment I don't know whereabouts that'll be, or if I deed I'll share with my friend Jack.

I also have something to submit to Raindance. I'll keep quiet on details for now, but it might pay off with a job for the organisation afterwards.

There's also some projects waiting completion:

The sound edit of Fellow.

The final edit of Opportunities.

Writing Eight Months Last Tuesday.

Making my Halloween 2015 short film - Creeping.

Lots to do, then. Fun times!

Raindance 2015: Aftermath

Better late than never...

Here's a rundown of some films and shorts I saw during the festival. All impressed me greatly, and so I thought the film makers deserved a mention here.

Note though, this is just my individual view - and definitely not that of Raindance as a whole. Anything not listed I either didn't watch, or it wasn't to my tastes.

I might leave comments for some films, if I feel the need to say anything:

The Return (UK feature, Writer/Director - Oliver Nias)
A very popular release for the festival, and Nias was a very nice guy. He gave me some of his personal time, to discuss my career. The film itself looked good, and everybody involved demonstrates a lot of potential.

H Positive (UK short, Writers - Glenn Paton, Nick Walter, Director - Glenn Patron)
A beautifully shot, energetic piece. It looks like it's high budget (when it probably was made quite cheaply) and has an important message to tell.

Nazi Boots (Canada short, Writer - Debs Paterson, Director - Gail Harvey)

Fires on the Plain (Japan feature, Writer/Director - Shinya Tsukamoto)
Tsukamoto has a cult following, apparently. He's a complete gentleman, with a tight view of what does/doesn't look good in his films.

Not Sophie's Choice (UK short, Writer - Tom Cottle, Director - Gina Lyons)
Starring two performers I adore, Catherine Tate & Alex Macqueen, this quirky British comedy is funny with a twist you won't see coming.

Devil (Turkey short, Writer - Unknown, Director - Bahadir Arici)
Probably the most controversial thing I saw during the whole festival. It's hard to like this, but I appreciate its guts for doing what it does - which is to strip a veiled Muslim woman, and have her do very provocative things.

That's It (Japan feature, Writer - Kiyotaka Inagaki, Director - Gakuryu Ishii)
A very energetic, split screen opening, that's similar to Danny Boyle's style in Trainspotting.

Princess (Israel feature, Writer/Director - Tali Shalom Ezer)
I didn't see this, but the trailer I did see looked very, very impressive. Lots of people who did watch said it was an amazing character piece.

Le Dep (Canada feature, Writer/Director - Sonia Bonspille Boileau)

Shelter (USA feature, Writer/Director - Paul Bettany)
That shot of the man/woman falling from the side street into the pool of water... wow!

Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Artic (USA/Greenland/Switzerland feature, Writer - Francois Delisle, Director - Corina Gamma)
Stunning scenery, rarely captured on film.

Digital Dissidents (Germany/Norway documentary, Director - Cyril Tuschi)
An important look at the current climate of spy culture in western governments.

Gored (USA documentary, Director - Ido Mizrahy)
The story of bullfighter Antonio Barrera, told well by Mizrahy.

Absence (UK short, Writer - Rob Savage, Jed Shepherd, Director - Unknown)
Paul McGann gives an incredible performance.

Set the Thames on Fire (UK feature, Writer - Al Joshua, Director - Ben Charles Edwards)
The biggest compliment I can give this surreal comedy-drama is that its writer and director are bound for big things. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if either got a gig on Doctor Who.

The Answers (USA short, Writer/Director - Michael Goode)
This almost made me cry! I had a similar idea myself, but this does it so much better than I ever would have managed: after you die, you are given the answer to every question you have.

Wasp (UK/France, Writer/Director - Philippe Audi-Dor)
I didn't watch the film, but during the Q&A session afterwards Audi-Dor revealed himself to be a very charismatic showman. If he gets the breaks he deserves, he could become a great character in the UK film industry.

Emma, Change the Locks (UK short, Writer - Julia Hart, Director - Juliet Shardlow)
Well shot, and a great performance from Olivia Williams.

Cavanna, He Was Charlie (France documentary, Director - Denis Robert, Nina Robert)
An exploration of an aspect of Frence culture I wasn't all that familiar with. Nina Robert is absolutely stunning, too!

David Vaughan: Black on Canvas (UK documentary, Director - Dean Brocklehurst)

Good Wolf, Beautiful Witch (Spain short, Writer/Director - Ainara Porron)
It looks stunning, and has a great, ambiguous script. The music is lovely, too.

Driving with Selvi (Canada documentary, Director - Elisa Paloschi)

Hadwin's Judgement (UK/Canada documentary, Director - Sasha Snow)

Happy Purim (Israel documentary, Director - Ori Gruder)

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (USA documentary, Director - Matt D'Avella)

Michael (UK short, Writer/Director - Jonathan Kemp)

Shih (Spain/Mexico/Argentina documentary, Director - Bruno Zaffora, Rafael Ortega Velderrain)

The Birth of Sake (USA/Japan documentary, Director - Erik Shirai)
My favourite of the festival! A fantastic, cinematic look behind the scenes at the production of Japanese drink Sake)

Pink Grapefruit (USA short, Writer - Michael Mohan, Director - Greg Gilreath)

Circadian Rhythms (UK short, Writer/Director - Bailey Tom Bailey)

Ditches (Argentina/Mexico feature, Writer - Lautaro Gimenez, Francisco J. Paparella, Director - Francisco J. Paparella)
An interesting insight into a world I'm not use to seeing on screen, with some impressing cinematography.

The Cycle Starts and Stops With You (USA short, Writer/Director - Chris Buchal)
Quite creepy!

Pigs (Singapore/USA short, Writer/Director - Laura Mohai)
Oh, this was just beautiful - and another film that almost reduced me to tears.

Bubbles (USA short, Writer - Russell Yaffe, Talia Alberts, Director - Robert Gadol-Lavenstein)

Crocodile (Philippines feature, Writer/Director - Francis Xavier Pasion)
Illustrates the cruel, tragic world we live in.

Kid Kulafu (Philippines feature, Writer - Froilan Medina, Director - Paul Soriano)

Obon Brothers (Japan feature, Wrtier - Shin Adachi, Director - Akira Osaki)

Guys With Guns (USA short, Writer/Director - Joel Veach)

George Misses the Train (UK short, Writer/Director - Timothy Hancock)

Is It Your Refrigerator? (USA short, Writer/Director - David Codeglia)

The Scarecrow (USA short, Writer - Phillip William Brock, Director - Philip Rhys)

Needle Town (UK/Norway short, Writer - Henrik Hylland Uhlving, Kaspar Synnevag, Director - Kaspar Synnevag)

The Alchemist's Letter (UK short, Writer/Director - Carlos Andre Stevens)
This looks incredible, and is narrated by the one and only Sir John Hurt!

The Night The Moon Fell (USA short, Writer/Director - John Bashyam)


No doubt I've missed something off that list, and no doubt there's more than a few quality films I didn't get to see (and hence, are not listed here).

Then This Happened

I'm literally about to get on my coach at London Victoria, heading back to Manchester, when I get a call from my old General Manager at the cinema.

I worked alongside him during Raindance. Now he wants to know if I'd be interested in working London Film Festival, at Vue's Islington branch.

Of course, I have no problem with that. It's not like I've got a job waiting for me back in Manchester. Besides, unlike Raindance this pays actual money! Around £700 (ish) yo be exact. Whilst I wait to hear back from Forbidden Planet, this will plug that gap in my employment nicely.

I will be a screen manager again - working from this Friday through to the following week's Sunday. It'll be alongside two of my friends - Kathryn and Keiichi, and will allow me to (finally) tick off Vue Islington as somewhere I've worked. I was supposed to transfer there back in 2012 as a manager, but the move nevery materialised. It's where Tohko worked, too, after she was booted out of West End on account of dating moi. It has a special place in my heart as, after Westfield, it's the Vue I frequented most to watch free films.

To be clear, this doesn't mean I'm rejoining Vue on a full time basis. As far as i'm concerned this is a one off, 10 day affair. Beyond that... well, it looks like things are finally coming together for me anyway, so there's lots to look forward to.


I arrived back in Manchester, and found a postcard off Gabi. It's sweet and I'm glad she sent it, but I've absolutely no idea what's going through her mind these days. Does she want contact, or not? I've given up trying to read the behaviours of the girls in my life.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

October 6th, 2015

Or "A New Chapter Begins"

Now that Raindance is over, I'm getting g ready to go back to Manchester. But it's different this time. I seem to have found a new direction, and happiness.

First of all I had a job interview. Now, it's only a staff position at Forbidden Planet, but the money from it means it's viable to return to living in London. It'll also be exciting to have something to go to every day. I've lacked a routine for so long now that it was starting to drive me a little crazy!

I don't approach it as a career. I'll continue job hunting for industry roles whilst I work there.

My friend Jack wants to move to London, and so there's a possibility that we'll find a place to rent together. Maybe even with a 3rd person? That'll be fun, and very different to how I lived in London previously; when I isolated myself in my bedsit, and worked the most anti-social hours imaginable. Now, I could very well come a little out of my shell, by living around others.

I was approached about another role. I won't mention what it is, in fear that it'll crumble if I even whisper a word about it. So, a secret it shall remain. All I'll say is, it could be a perfect entry into the film industry - I just have to make sure I don't fuck up my "application", and do it right. If I do - well, this would be a career job, and I might nor need Forbidden Planet.

Away from work/living arrangements, and I think I'm ready to date again. My last relationship ended three months ago, and I've gotten over it completely since. I think I'm out of that period, where my brain and heart combined don't want to attempt anything with anybody else. I'm back to wanting a 'significant other' in my life again, and I have an excitement about finding that person and learning all about them.

I hope this time they (whoever 'they' turns out to be) are a Doctor Who fan!

Last bit not least, Raindance got me longing to write and create again. Seeing so many of those short films made me think "Wow! I want to do something like that, too!" I had the same feeling last year - and it fuelled me on to create various shorts over the last 12 months. I wonder what I'll do because of this year's festival?


Well, there we have it. The foundations of the next 'version of me'. What's fun is just how much opportunity is open to me right now - not a sentence I'd have thought I'd habe been saying a couple of months ago.

Keep reading, and watch this new me take shape... and soar.